Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Princess Osean at 7

Song for Osean

Batch '87,

After several years (since 1997?) of hibernation of composing "real" songs, (yes, i still compose jingles, the last one was last year), finally, the "gift from the Greatest Composer" is inching its way back into my consciousness and spirit.

My initial attempt is of course, lovingly dedicated to my daughter, joseanne, whom i long planned to compose a song for her since her birth in 2000. I can only trust Kyoji to give a melodic expression for very obvious reasons, he was my very first music composer, he "feels" my lyrics due to deep friendship since elementary days and lastly, he's joseanne's godfather, like everybody here at Batch 87.

To God, be the Glory, Deo Gratias!

Lyrics : toteperez
Music : kyoji lucero

Your smile is enough to brighten up the dark days
Your laughter brings beautiful melodies in the air
Your eyes melt hearts and drive worries away
Your embrace is enough to show how much you care

Your voice is music to my ears, easing all fears
Your touch heals all wounds and heartaches
Your songs are messages of hope and promise
Your life is my reason for living and existing

Despite the pain and tears, you are the comfort and happiness
Despite the wrongs and mistakes, you bring righteousness
Despite limitations, weaknesses, you’re the source of strength
Despite the worst that happened, you’re the best I’ve ever had

Your questions are my wisdom and insights
Your wonderings are my amazements too
Your efforts are my attempts and trials
Your achievements, my triumphs, victories

Your wishes are my desires and aspirations
Your dreams are my visions and ambitions
Your fairy tales are my myths and legends
Your creations are my artworks, masterpieces

(isla kan rapu-rapu, marso 23, 2009)
all rights reserved

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Samatha: Rey and Aimee's Daughter