Saturday, August 20, 2005

olps gulp!

mga sano, here are the much-delayed pics of the successful beer plaza sponsored by the olps alumni association. tato, sori i should have posted this before my trip, pero nagahol ako sa oras. an pics ta man sa digital camera when we met in makati with erwin, totep, linuz, and jong lain nada-download, aargh. anyway, eto mga pics na pinili mo for posting here, complete with your captions. me iba na may konting mus-ing, sa tinta yan kan sign pen na pinansurat mo kan captions, haha. jet, sori also, tato asked me to post these likewise sa olps alumni site pero am not sure am authorized to post there, so copy ka na lang from here. enjoy, everyone! :)


Yehey, gana kami sa pa Beer Plaza!

Friday, August 19, 2005

OLPS gulp!

Mike Go and San Mig

Batch '87 with their "fans"

more sano

OLPS alumni batch '80!

fr. vic at the main gate. rock-rakan concert na padi an ticket receptionist? hanep!

otats guarding the money, mwehehe

totep and jay counting the fruits of our labors

mesmerized sa music

OLPS alumni celebrating