Monday, June 30, 2008

Mga Sano, OLPS Needs Ur Help!

Mga Sano, i was tasked to post this picture of OLPS Minor Seminary gate. Maybe we can collect some money from the Alumni who wants to help our Alma Mater. If you will remember this is the "pader" along Bibincahan Sorsogon where we usually scale doing our "great escape". Shown in the picture is the home of the clergy on the right side and the study hall on the left.Please desposit any donation to OLPS PNB Account Numbers : 478-811387-6 (PhP), 478-700725-8 (US$) the way hope to see you this Alumni Homecoming!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

OLPS Alumni Update

Minutes of the OLPS Alumni Meeting
Atty. Fumera’s Residence, Balogo, Sorsogon City
7PM, June 28, 2008

In Attendance :

Msgr. Pax Monje Atty. Tootsie Cubias
Tom Sementela Dr. Jun Leocadio
Atty. Jess Fumera Joey Cubias
Totep Perez Tato Marcial
Lloyd Lopez Gerald Angeles
Salvatorre Sanchez Salvador Villaroya
Bernie Donor Edgar Detera
Ismael Lopez Tony Deligero

Meeting Proper

The meeting was called to order at 7PM with Msgr. Pax Monje presiding. Mr. Totep Perez reported to the group the matters discussed and actions taken during the previous meeting :

1. Formation of OLPS Alumni Foundation Interim Board
2. Petition to Revive the OLPS Alumni Foundation with SEC
3. Reorganization of SANO
4. Alumni Homecoming in October 2008
5. Special Project : Rice Subsidy for OLPS

Mr. Perez presented Resolution No. 001, Series of 2008, Resolution Authorizing its Interim Chairman Msgr. Francisco Monje to File a Petition for the Revival of the Foundation’s Registration with SEC and for other Purpose. The same was turned over to Atty. Cubias for proper action.

Atty. Cubias called the attention of Mr. Perez to mention in the previous minutes posted on the website the special project on rice subsidy for the OLPS.

The group further the clarified the procedures for the project as follows :

1. Ask OLPS (thru Sr. Myrna) on the actual number of rice shortage (sacks) per month. Mr. Tato Marcial will coordinate with OLPS.
2. OLPS Foundation to provide for the shortfall by establishing partnership with NFA with Mr. Bernie Donor as coordinator. OLPS will get rice directly from NFA.
3. OLPS PNB Account Number will be posted at alumni websites for the alumni to send contributions for the project.
4. The account numbers are : 478-811387-6 (PhP), 478-700725-8 (US$)

Next discussed was the revival of OLPS Foundation. To meet the requirements the following tasks and in-charge were identified :

Financial Statement, Registration c/o Joey Cubias & Tom Sementela
General Information Sheet – Atty. Jess Fumera
Mr. Salvador Villaroya to act as Accountant
Coordination with SEC – Atty. Cubias

Another item discussed is the need to update the Alumni Directory. Mr. Tato Marcial was tasked to coordinate with OLPS (Mam Nikki).

Regarding the sponsorship of Batch 83 for the Fellowship, Mr. Marcial informed the group that Atty. Talde is set to meet his batch mates in Manila next week.

Other matters discussed were :

Repair of portion of OLPS fence, Mr. Marcial to take pictures and post at blog.
Provision of tarpaulins per batch during annual homecoming.
All attending alumni appointed as batch coordinators. Dr. Leocadio as point person for senior batches.
Information dissemination strategy : pulpit, tri – media, cyber media, mobile phone
Establishment of Alumni affairs office, Alumni website c/o appointed senior seminarians, letter of request to be sent to Rector.

Next meeting is set on July 18, 2008, Friday, 6 PM at OLPS. Mr. Marcial to coordinate with Fr. Egay Cleofe. The meeting was adjourned at 9PM.


Interim Secretary


Interim Chairman

Friday, June 27, 2008

downtonw niagara

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Reviving Alumni

Former Alumni Officers gathered at Fatima Parish, Sorsogon City last June 7, 2008 hosted by Mons Pax Monje. Discussed were : 1. Filing of Petition to Revive the OLPS Alumni Foundation at SEC 2. SANO Reorganization 3. Tentative 2008 Homecoming sked.

The group agreed to create an ad-hoc committee to revive the OLPS Alumni Foundation, officers elected are : Chair - Mons Pax Monje, Vice - Chair - Atty. Tootsie Cubias, Secretary - Totep Perez, Treasurer - Joey Cubias, Auditor - Tom Sementela, Legal Counsel - Atty. Jess Fumera. Other attending alumni including Tato Marcial & Gerald Angeles of Batch 87 are named board directors. (Names of other board directors to follow due to inavailability of the list as of this writing.)

Atty. Cubias was assigned to draft the Resolution to Revive the Foundation. Gerald was assigned to gather signatures for the resolution.

Tentative Homecoming sked are as follows : Oct. 17, 2008 (Friday) 1PM- Registration, 3Pm - games, 6 PM - Fellowship (Batch 83 to sponsor the event being silver jubilarians). Oct 18, 2008 (Sat) 8AM - parade, 10AM Mass cum General Assembly 12Noon - Lunch 1Pm onwards - Batch reunions. (toteperez)
note : other batches, please copy this info, post in your blog, tell others.

Birthday, Reunion

Beautiful Liane, (Lloyd's lovely daughter) turned 6 last June 5, 2008. B87 took the opportunity in having the expected reunion in time for Fr. Dandy's visit. Mga nasa abroad & somewhere else, eat your heart out ! hehe