Thursday, May 31, 2007

Looking Forward to the next homecoming

Mons Pax delivering his inspirational message..(as if asking us today, what happened to the Alumni Officers?..hehehe)
OLPS Hymn: Atty. Jess Fumera, Mons Pax & Fr. Budog sung to their heart's content our Alma Mater hymn.(kaso si sano Jess solved na!)

Big time classmates: Msgr. Pax with three of his classmates, maogmahon an pagtiripon ninda, sorry nalimotan ko mga pangaran ninda.Anyone remember their names, please?

2004 Alumni Homecoming

"Iskaramusa":Tsibugan time sa kubo after the successful election of officers.

The Architech: One of the primemovers in organizing the homecoming.

From Daddy Llyod's collection

The three mountaineers: Jong, Llyod & Joven
Ganito Talaga Sila Ka-close: Llyod, Jong & Jay

Kan Panahon Ta...

One lazy Saturday at OLPS with more lazy classmates! hehehe!(Otats, Cho, Gerald & Tolits)
REUNION DAYS: What do you think Ojee
said to Glenn & Dennis that they seem too happy about?

Monday, May 28, 2007


Proud to present our banner that speaks of great history of mission in my parish. Though so young compared with the parishes in Sorsogon, yet faith is so mature.
Hope you can visit us here! We will shower you with Paiwan Tribe's unique hospitality!

Friday, May 25, 2007


For the Paiwan Tribe, snake is a symbol of life(from it their forefathers came into being). How do i integrate the catholic symbol of snake with their culture?! We can discuss the answer over a bottle of beer!


Dressing up with a Paiwan Tribe Native Dress
My favorite "lola" in my parish!
Brochure for the Golden Anniversary of the Parish
If you can't understand the words, just look at the pictures!
Everybody is invited on August 10, 2007 to attend our Grand Golden Anniversary Celebration here in the East Coast of Taiwan....kanya-kanya tabi pamasahe...libre an istaran!Hehehe!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

To all worthy brothers, peace!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Global Security Asia 2007

Maria Ressa, former CNN reporter and now VP of ABS-CBN's News and Current Affairs discussing some issues about media and terrorism. She's one of the speakers in the Global Security Asia 2007 held in Singapore last March 26-29.

iba talaga an mga dasok, hehehehe!

For a change, yadi na an gwapo..hehehe!

...Otats being given a plaque of recognition by Mr. Gerry Chua, owner of Eng Bee Tin and the outgoing President of Philippine Association of Volunteer Fire Brigades, with the incoming President.

..Otats with the PNPA Cadets during the wedding of his lady co-officer..(sa laog ini san Camp Aguinaldo Church, where Joven's wedding also took place)

More of JM's pix..

turning 10 months on June 4..haen na mga regalo niyo?..hehehehe..

..the fountain of my unbriddled & immeasurable joy.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Posted this in my blog :)


"We ask you this through Christ our Lord, amen."

Time for First Reading. The boy, shy and nervous, walks towards the lectern. It's his first time to do the reading, a task he'd avoid at any cost if he could. But there is no way around it. As a junior in this high school seminary, he and his classmates have to take their turn on the altar, before a mass of other boys ready to jeer, heckle and remember any fumble he'd make for years to come. Freshmen and sophomores act as acolytes during daily mass, juniors and seniors serve as readers. None gets a pass, and now it's his turn.

He swallows hard, then opens his mouth. "The first reading is taken from the book of the Prophet Ezekiel." Can that strained, high-pitched voice be his? Did I pronounce it right, Ee-zee-kiel? His throat feels parched, sandy. His white polo shirt and black pants seem terribly hot, and he can feel his armpits steaming up.

He plows on. The lines are a blur. He tries to go faster, but then remembers the priest's admonition. It's the Word of God, give it respect, read it slowly! So he enunciates his words, never looking up from the book, determined not to get distracted by the funny looks on his classmates' faces.

Last two lines, yes!

Finished. The end. Wow, he's done it. Read right up to the last period without a hitch. Success! Must breathe easily now, wrap it up, wrap it up. A pause, then one more thing left to say: "This is the Word of the Lord."

And his mouth says: "This is the end of the world."

A second of shock, then pandemonium in the chapel. Even the priest starts giggling. He looks up, startled, realizes what he has just said, then stares horrified at the laughing mob. Nothing to do now but trudge back to his pew, face all crimson, his future flashing before his eyes. He'll never outlive this, he knows. From this day forward, at least among his peers, he's toast.

Our 25-strong high school seminary batch is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. Since our graduation in March 1987, four have become priests, many more have gotten hitched, a few now live abroad, and one has passed away. But we remain extraordinarily close to one another, and have enlarged the friendship to include the wives and kids. All first-borns in the circle automatically get a ninong in the other 24. Getting gifts on Christmas and birthdays is another story. When we hold reunions, which is often and irrespective of a quorum, we always end up killing ourselves with the same old stories. God willing, we'll never stop laughing. The anecdote above is a perennial. Yep, it's a true story.