Saturday, April 29, 2006

long overdue

tapos na kami magkaon no he he


long overdue

nother pic this time with tato and fr. beachboy


long overdue

sorry late ini this was last years alumni sa seminary as u can c yadi pa si kuya oj

fr: lloyd

me and my daughter

ty 2 gibbs for the instructions

Thursday, April 27, 2006


mga parishioners ko wearing their native dress...they look like pinoys in the simple!(they are the poor people of Taiwan)
naglalapigot sa pag-intsik...ibabaralhasan nin grabe!
the community dance of the "paiwan tribe" of taiwan
our easter vigil...

after having been to enchanting places and meeting many acquaintances...yet the simple place of the poor entices me...and their charming heart captivates me...this is where God planted I must grow!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


just visiting the place of "Sound of Music", Salzburg, Germany
just leaning for awhile at Pisa
just opening a bank account at Zurich!hehe!
just dropping by to eat french bread
just saying hi to the Pope
Though i travelled heart still longs for my beloved Sorsogon...where once i lived with Batch 87...
Let not distance change me, nor achievements distort me...for I love who I was before ...just a simple Batch 87 member...AMEN!

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Pictures taken from my break after some serious works(kuno!). I learned much from OLPS...playing while working! - Dandy

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Monday, April 17, 2006

black saturday reunion

10 batchmates off to fr. vic's rectory in bulan. erwin had to leave for manila, while lloyd lopez, gary boy frilles and danny donor had other appointments... while passing through irosin, baraba mun-a and pa-picture sa valley view with bulusan volcano in the background, the vista of which was used in the aga-muhlach-claudine barretto movie 'kailangan kita,' set kuno in bicol

sayo pa na kodak inside the gazebo

like old times: checking out camille prats all grown-up on FHM. hala, pati an duwa na padi nakibasa!

fr. vicboy, now the newly-appointed parish priest of bulan after fr. gerry del prado, who's on sabbatical in ny, usa

same old stories, pero an tarawahan pareho pa man gihapon. :)

papiricture by the "last supper" stained glass window inside the church

outside the vintage home of the late assemblyman leoncio grajo in juban, which the lasala family has acquired and converted into a bed-n-board inn and at the same time a museum showcasing spanish-era architecture and interiors. dapat suportahan ang conservation efforts like this, mao?

karaon na naman, this time inside the museum. salamatonon sa mommy ni joey for the delicious fruit salad!

jay, lonely boboy ka na naman!?

kagayon kan azotea/verandah or whatever they called it during those times ano

pauli na, pero posing mun-a sa stainless steel na jeep ni fr. vic. sabi nga ni gary boy, yahoo!

good friday get-together

batch '87 kids, wives and friends doing visita iglesia at the casiguran parish church before heading to balay buhay resort in bulusan. tato took this pic. only five of us made it this day -- ojee, erwin, totep, tato, gibbs

the dirt road leading to bulusan lake overhung with ancient trees and giant ferns -- dianison to stop and enjoy the canopy

beautiful bulusan lake on a foggy, rainy afternoon

smile sana maski nag-uuran and nagkikilat, courtesy daa of ever-jinx totep, mwehehe!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

otats with former bossing

mas gwapo ako, hehehe!

bams 87 in tabaco, albay

champions kami maski dili! :)

coca-cola reunion

the menudos!

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Mga Sano :

Pleas spread the word as fast as you could with the aid of technology !



A Black Saturday Alumni Homecoming at the Our Lady of Pe├▒afrancia Minor Seminary on April 15, 2006....

Schedule of Activities :

8 AM - 10 AM - Registration (P100 only)
10 AM - General Assembly
> Formal Turnover from old Board of Trustees to New BOT
> Planning of activities for October alumni homecoming
> other matters
12 Noon > lunch break
1 PM to 4 PM - recreation/games/batch reunions

We will be happy to see you again !!!!

Dios mabalos !

Totep Perez
Outgoing Secretary