Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Homecoming

"When life is an answer,
death is a homecoming."
Abraham Heschel
Life is not an answer to a question,
but to an invitation.
It is an invitation to accept the gift
and the One who gives it.
Welcome home
dear Father Butch!

Internment Sked

Per SMS message from Msgr. Gerry Del Prado, Funeral Mass for Fr. Butch is at 9AM on Saturday, September 5, 2009. He did not specify where, most probably at the Sts. and Paul Cathedral. Please Pass. Dios Mabalos.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


25th August 2009


Dear SANO __________,

The OLPS Alumni will be holding its 64th Alumni Homecoming on 17 October 2009 (Saturday). The celebration shall be a whole day affair, to be highlighted by a friendly basketball game between OLPS Alumni and the GREGS Alumni of St. Gregory the Great Seminary of the Diocese of Legazpi, of ages from 35 years old and up. This will be followed by our annual fellowship at the basketball court to be sponsored by the silver jubilarians -OLPS batch 84.
In view thereof, we are encouraging you to attend this occasion, as this may be another opportunity to relive the past memories with former seminary colleagues.
Likewise, kindly be informed that we are, at present, updating our directory, and for which reason we have attached herewith a personal information sheet (PIS) for you to accomplish.
Please send back the accomplished form at the given address below before September 30, 2009, viz:
Door 2, V&O Apartments
Amorsolo St., Vel- Amor Subdivision
Legazpi City 4500

If by chance you know of one who is likewise an alumnus within your locality, please extend the encouragement and share a copy of the PIS for his completion, with the same instruction as above.

Thank you.


Augusto “cubing” Cubias, Jr.
Interim Vice-Chairman
OLPS Alumni

(Kindly fill up this form with your latest personal information. Thank you.)

Name: ___________________________________________________________

Year of Entrance: ____________________ Year of Graduation: ____________

Civil Status: _____________________________

If Married Name of Spouse: _______________________________________
Occupation of Spouse: _____________________________________

(Home): __________________________________________________________
(Office): ___________________________________________________________
(Email): ___________________________________________________________

Contact Numbers.
(Home): _________________________________
(Office): _________________________________
(Mobile): _________________________________

Occupation: _____________________________________

Agency/Office/Business Name: _______________________________________
Position: _______________________________________

Organizations Involvement:

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fade Away Shot

It was on the feast of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary on October 7, 1984 when the accident happened that rendered our dear sophomore class adviser wheelchair-bound but not his spirit....

OLPS Intramurals 1984 was the saddest ever, only Pads Dako assuming the responsibilty of perking up our spirits with the seminary formators at the hospital to give prayers and support to Fr. Butch....

Father Butch is the master par excellence, a virtuoso in executing the Fade - away shot...

With your final fade away shot to the Heavens, your memories will not simply fade away...

Your commitment and dedication to the priesthood, sacrifices and solidarity with Christ's Passion is your best shot...

You are now passing that "ball" to us, we also hope to perfect our Fade Away Shot in our own style...

Dios Mabalos Pads Butch! Til next ballgame!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Goodbye, Fr. Butch Fajardo :(

Condolences to the bereaved family of Rev. Fr. Butch Fajardo who passed away tonight at SorDoc Hospital. Further info will be posted soon about the wake & funeral. Please pray for the eternal rest of the soul of Fr. Butch, a very dedicated priest.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OLPS Alumni Meeting

Minutes of the OLPS Alumni Meeting held at Southside Bar & Grille, Salog, Sorsogon City on August 22, 2009


Atty. Tootsie Cubias
Atty. Jess Fumera
Robert Maullon
Cesar Escobedo
Augusto Dematera
Gerald Angeles
Tato Marcial
Kruni Escudero

1. The meeting which was presided by Atty. Tootsie Cubias formally started at 7 P.M. with a solemn prayer, followed by the reading and approval of the minutes of the last meeting held at Mango Grill, Magsaysay St.

2. Matters Discussed:

2.1.Atty. Tootsie will attend the meeting on September 3, 2009 @ St. Gregory the Great Seminary, Tabaco, Albay, to finalize the basketball game set on the 17th of October between St. Gregory and OLPS Alumni. He will render his report next meeting.

2.2.The uniform to be used by the OLPS Alumni during the basketball game vs Gregorians is still being finalized, especially who will shoulder the expenses. (We are now appealing to some SANO who can take charge of the expenses good for 15 players only).

2.3.Sano Cesar Escobedo was designated as the playing coach and shall be the point person to coordinate with those interested SANO who will join the team. The following are the suggested players (Any interested SANO can coordinate with Sano Cesar. N.B. must be 35 yrs old & above):

Nono Yap
Fr. Totoy Alcantara
Cesar Escobedo
Tommy Duran
Philip Duran
Augusto Dematera
Fr. Buchoy Datar
Romelio Dimaano
Lloyd Lopez
Fr. Vernon Zulueta
Fr. Ninoy Lagarde
Fr. Peewee Renovalles
Ping Ocampo

2.4.In addition to the previous minutes, the registration shall start at OLPS Minor Seminary at 7am-12nn (c/o OLPS Seminarians). Registration fee is 100 pesos only.

2.5.Amendment to previous minutes: Motorcade will start at OLPS (Minor) going around the city proper then back to OLPS Minor for the Eucharistic Celebration (c/o OLPS); business meeting follows, then lunch (per batch). In the afternoon, activities will be the basketball game of OLPS Alumni vs Gregorians Ex-Sem (10 cases of beers to the winner c/o SANO), and fellowship (at basketball court) with live band at 7P.M. onwards c/o Batch 84.

2.6.The meeting adjourned at 9: 15 P.M. and was officially closed with a solemn prayer.
2.7.Next meeting will be on September 5, 2009 @ 7 P.M., same place (Southside Bar & Grille).

Certified true and correct:

Renato B. Marcial
Acting Secretary With concurrence:

Atty. Augusto Y. Cubias

Monday, August 24, 2009

B87 Sends Off Paulo

Joey is busy contacting his chef at the airport while driving in order to prepare food for us.
All smiles beofre Paulo leaves Bicol
Otats, Paulo & Joey outside the airport canteen

Surely am gonna miss Pinas & my family.
Paulo was surprised at how Joey, Otas & Jong treated his classmate, "masyadong accommodating talaga"!

Delicious breakfast prepared by the chef @ the airport canteen per instruction of Joey.

Jong was not able to join the "Iron Man" race held in Naga for an obvious reason, mahatod kan Paulo nan si Joey dili maka drive na wara si Jong.
Souvenir pictures of Jong & Joey at Legazpi City airport

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Chicago Boys(minus Paolo)

Kyuji, an expert of Chicago life fetched with his macho Mazda car, the neophyte Dandy at his De Paul University residence.

They went to the lakeside to enjoy the view of the whole city.

Since Kyuji was so hungry, they went to the Chinatown and enjoyed the food at Joy Yee.

grabe an gutom ni kyuji kaya pahingurag na kaon...di baga nakayanan kaya balot na lang tabi!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When Joseph was in Town

B87 with B88 as background.
Gerald trying to call overseas contacting B87 based abroad.

Gerald, Joey, Otats & Joseph

The "rough" drivers not the drunk drivers!

When the Potter was in Town

The mentor & the tormentor,hehehe!. This picture was taken outside the Sorsogon City Hall.
Otats asking Fr. PJ why his tummy's getting bigger, while Ian as usual doing his "pa-cute" pose.

B87 @ Madison Hall

Souvenir picture with Fr. Vic's new car.
That's the beautiful car that Fr. Vic won!

Buddah bless you!..this guy is the original "ninja" during his seminary days.

B87 at Madison Hall.

Look at those beers, yan an inubos ni Gibbs si Otats pulutan lang,hehehe.

At last Linus arrived.

Erwin,Fr. Vic, Otats, Gibbs & Joey @ Kuwago a cool place just a stone's throw away from Erwin's condo.

Reunion with Paulo

Otats & Paulo as they listen to Totep & Fr. Vic's same old seminary days story.
The luckiest priest with Totep. Fr. Vic is all smile, of course he won a brand new car in a raffle draw at Tahanan in Tagaytay.(mayad ngani kay lain na "jinx")

Monday, August 17, 2009

Our Deepest Condolences

Batch 87 expresses its deepest sympathy to the bereaved family of Mr. Vicente T. Son, who passed away today (August 17, 2009) due to hemorrhagic stroke. His body lies in state at Funeraria Labalan, Cogon, Sorsogon City. May Tio Vic's soul rest in peace.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

when we were there

for making our short stay memorable.....we can't thank u enough...

Sunday, August 02, 2009

OLPS Alumni Meeting

Minutes of the OLPS Alumni Meeting
Mango Grill, Sorsogon City
July 25, 2009

In Attendance :

Atty. Tootsie Cubias Tato Marcial
Philip Renovalles Gerald Angeles
Totep Perez Arnest Dimaano
Lloyd Lopez Bobet Laban

Meeting Proper

The group discussed the following concerns :

1. Proposed Alumni Homecoming Schedule of Activities (October 17, 2009)

7AM – Registration (Registration Fee – P100 only)
8 AM – Motorcade (from SNHS grounds – around Sorsogon City Proper – OLPS)
10 AM – Mass
11AM – General Assembly
12 Noon – Lunch by Batch
4 PM – Basketball Game (St. Gregory Alumni Vs. OLPS Alumni – 35 yrs. old up)
7PM – Fellowship Night c/o Batch 84
Note :
A. Attending alumni are encouraged to wear the official OLPS alumni polo shirt (yellow).
B. Official OLPS Alumni shirts are still available for sale during the event.
C. Batch 84 requests for old class picture of each batch for the souvenir program. Please send them thru email at attention Ipe Renovalles.

2. National Organization of Bicolano Ex – seminarians

Totep Perez informed the group on the plan to establish a national organization of Bicolano Ex-seminarians, however, the crafting of the concept paper is still pending.

Next meeting will be on August 15, 2009, 8PM at the Southside Bar & Resto (owned by Dr. Pipo Amador), Salog, Sorsogon City.




Vice - President