Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wine and Dine With Our Parish Priest

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Night with Gibbs & Msgr. Gerry

B87 with mentor Msgr. Gerry Del Prado, the parish priest of Our Lady of Fatima in Sorsogon City
Taken at the porch of Otat's home.
The red wine as "starter" to all the memories in the seminary life.

"Remembering Highschool Life"

Llyod recalling that infamous garden he made.
Otats clarifying what "Aida" means..."I the Lord of sea & sky..."
Msgr. Gerry shares his good memories with the group.
With JM who will soon join the "calling" in OLPS HS Department.
All smiles, while Jay & Otats doing their masterpiece ice cream "iskaramusa" .

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Batch 87 Chicago Reunion

Note: Registration Fee: 50 US$
Souvenir t-shirt( Lacoste brand)
bottomless water
presidential suite rooms
meals from French resto
free limousine ride
free chicago river cruise ride
free entertainment and massage


Chicago Boys Meet to plan Chicago Reunion

Last Sept. 19, 2009(Sat.), Dandy and Paolo went to Ojie's house to plan for the coming reunion. The strategic planning was disturbed strategically by Dr. Pipo Amador(B89) who brought marinated meat for "ihaw-ihaw"; Mayweather vs Marquez fight also disturbed the proceedings. The result however, were brilliant ideas on how to make the reunion memorable. Abangan n'yon na lang ang mga activities!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

FR. GERRY AND FR. MONJE at the Pagoda


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Batch '87 USA Reunion

CHICAGO, October 16-18, 2009
"Same old shows in a different town on another day

Ooo ooo ooo wishing you were here

Even though you're far away you're in my mind

Ooo ooo ooo wishing you were here ..."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gibbs' Article

A very good article from Gibbs that Sorsoganons must read. Go to his blog and read the Chiz Escudero: missing the forest for the trees

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"The LIGHT shines on in darkness; a darkness that did not overcome it. - John 1:5"

Monday, September 07, 2009

More Pix on Fr. Butch's Final Fade Away Shot

Namuti si Fr. Peewee sa tindi san uran amu man an sutana ni Fr. Japee...

Army General Fajardo (FR. Butch's brother whom Totep asked for permission as mentioned in the tribute) with his family.

Rain fell hard when the funeral march reached Sampaloc but immediately stopped after the rites.

Tribute to Fr. Butch

(Batch '87 was privileged to pay tribute to Fr. Butch during the Necrological Rites on September 4, 2009, 6 PM, at the Home for the Clergy, the only OLPS Batch that was given such privilege. Watch out for the video as soon as TV 11 finishes the editing. Here's the full transcript of the tribute.)

Written by : toteperez with contributions from Batch ‘87
Edited by : Gibbs Cadiz
Delivered by : Tato Marcial

Leaping high up in the air, leaning backwards, body moving away from the defense, hands swiftly flicking the ball, shooting it seamless to the hoop… all of these done with effortless finesse, unexpected power and energy and graceful execution. Such was the trademark basketball move of Fr. Butch, the Fade Away Shot…

Aside from basketball, Fr. Butch was also a track and field enthusiast, a disciplined athlete, a no–nonsense mentor, a dedicated formator, a brotherly class adviser. Fr. Butch was the class adviser of the OLPS Batch 87 when we were sophomores. The year was 1984, and we had some memorable memories to share with him.

One funny incident happened with Totep. One Saturday morning after the general house cleaning, Totep tried to ask permission from Fr. Butch to allow him to go on a home visit. Home visits then were a luxury; seminarians had to justify why they should be allowed on unscheduled and personal home visits.

Totep mustered enough courage to knock at Fr. Butch’s room. When he heard Fr. Butch’s deep baritone voice tell him to enter his room, Totep slowly opened the door and immediately thought he saw Fr. Butch sitting on a chair. He then began speaking and justifying why he needed to go home, as if doing an oral thesis defense or a comprehensive examination.

But Totep was wondering why Fr. Butch seemed amused and surprised. Then he heard Fr. Butch’s voice speak from behind him: “Sige Totep, puede ka na mag- uli sa balay nindo.” Totep turned around and saw Fr. Butch smiling. The sitting “Fr. Butch” turned out to be his twin brother.

Another incident happened with Joven one night at the small dorm up. About an hour after lights off at 9PM, while everybody had begun snoring, Joven carefully unfolded a pornographic magazine. Using a pen light as illumination, he feasted his eyes on the photos of nude models. After a while, to his surprise, the illumination from his pen light became brighter. The additional light came from a bigger flashlight held by Fr. Butch, who had nimbly and silently walked like a cat to Joven’s bed, catching Joven defenseless. Joven had to turn over the contraband to Fr. Butch in total surrender.

It was on the Feast Day of the Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary on October 7, 1984 when the accident happened that rendered Fr. Butch wheel-chair bound. He was supposed to drive his motorbike to catch the concelebrated mass in Casiguran. But, at the last minute, he decided to join his brother priests in the car that would meet the accident.

We were simply shocked. We could not imagine the ever energetic and athletic Fr. Butch being physically disabled at a prime age, when he was just starting his mission as a priest. The 1984 Intramurals was the saddest ever. Most of the time, our priest-formators led by then Rector Msgr. Francisco Monje were at the hospital to pray with Fr. Butch, to boost his morale and spirit. Fr. Douglas Dimaano took pains to almost single-handedly manage and officiate the games, armed with his usual antics and witty jokes to also keep our spirits high.

After the accident, Fr. Butch’s life was never the same again. His court and track and field were confined to his wheel-chair. Instead of a ball, his limp hands held a joystick to maneuver his automatic wheelchair… We terribly missed his Fade Away Shot.

But his spirit could not be dampened. His body was incapacitated, but not his spirit. Years passed, he became one of the soothing voices on the airwaves, preaching the Good News. During nighttime at around 8:45PM, he delivered brief reflections on the Gospel for the following day within the Hello Father Program aired over DZGN Spirit FM. His deep baritone voice was surely an inspiration to weary souls, bringing calm and comfort after a hard day’s work and struggle.

His death was never a surprise to us. His long struggle with physical disability surely deserved a restful end. But we know that Fr. Butch was very much prepared to return to the Father.

This is his final fade away shot to the heavens. But, in fact, Fr. Butch is not simply fading away. He showed us how to do a perfect fade away shot, uncontested. His best fade away shot was done on his wheelchair and sick bed, where he continued to be faithful to his priestly vocation and mission, in solidarity with the Passion of Christ, the High Priest.

Fr. Butch is now passing that “ball” to us, for us to study and perfect our own versions of the Fade Away Shot in our own lives. To the end, he was a great teacher and formator.

Dios Mabalos for your Fade Away Shot, and till next ballgame, Fr. Butch!

Fr. Butch's Homecoming

Brother Priests carried Fr. Butch's coffin from the Cathedral to Sampaloc Cemetery.

The final rites at the Cathedral.

Ex-seminarians praying intently for Fr. Butch (Photo shows Taboi, Tato, Robert & Odie)

They came for the funral mass.

The Father Surrenders the son to the Father.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Shower of Blessings!

Fr. Butch, finally was laid to his resting place.
Relatives paid their last respect. Shown is Gen. Romy Fajardo, Fr. Butch's brother with wife.

People from different walks of life attended the funeral of Fr. Butch.

'Twas a rainy day..a shower of blessings as Fr. Butch bid us his last "fade away shot"!Godspeed Fr. Butch, we will surely going to miss you.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Look Who's Here!

"You don't stop laughing
because you grow old;
you grow old
because you stop laughing."
Michael Pritchard

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Free Ball Cap For SANO!

Attention all OLPS alumni: kindly pay your one peso a day or 365 pesos a year annual membership dues (CY 2009). Kindly settle it this coming 17th of October 2009 during the registration and you will get free ball cap with OLPS logo embroidered on it. First come, first served. We only have 100 pieces ball caps!