Sunday, June 25, 2006

Linus visits Sammy and Joseph C. in Boracay and Panay!

Batch87 Musketeers, Linus, Sammy and Joseph, nagpapa cute sa sunset san Boracay.
Joseph and Sammy, an duwa na Boracay residents, nang iinggit lang. hehe. Kitaa baya kay nag bi-blend na ang kolor ninda sa Boracay.
Diin daw an dagat na ini na in kuwaan ni Linus?
Isad pa kuno na dagat na in picturan ni Linus. For more of Linus’ Pics, visit
Sayangon daw ni Linus an pagpa Boracay nya? Syempre dili mga batchmates. Here are his German friends in Bora.
Sunset in Boracay as taken by Linus.
Dinner at Casa Pilar in Boracay with Joseph C.’s family and his wife’s relatives.
Joseph C.’s family, with wife Melizza and their baby Samantha.
Father and daughter, Joseph and his baby Samantha.
Joseph’s baby Samantha. Picture taken by Linus.
Joseph's new calling, giving his life testimony at the Brotherhood of Christian Businessmen and Professionals (BCBP) in Boracay. Perfect timing for their outing, their accommodation in Boracay is free courtesy of the BCBP.
Linus and Sammy, as the meek guests of Joseph’s BCBP testimony in Boracay.
Napasubo. Hehe. Samuel introducing himself at the BCBP breakfast, anyway he is used to addressing his employees!

Balay ni Joseph C. in Kalibo as taken by Linus. Construction of 2nd floor and roof will commence next month, Kaipuhan an additional na rooms for classmates and friends who would come to visit.

Joseph and Samuel with Sammy's van ready to tour classmates who would come!
Yes, Big Time! Just calling his bodyguards!
Linus and Joseph posing for a view between the ride from Kalibo to Iloilo. Aside from Boracay, Joseph won’t mind traveling for three hours to Iloilo from Kalibo just to tour classmates be it to the whole Panay Island. So Batch87, who’s next?
Linus at Lopez Mansion. Before long, he may also acquire this kind of house.
Iloilo Cathedral taken by Linus right before he and Joseph attended the evening mass.
Iloilo at dusk, taken by Linus.
Sunset in Iloilo with Linus at the background.

Joseph and Linus posing at the pier right before Linus boarded the boat from Iloilo to Manila.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Lloyd conquers Mt. Bulusan!

The Conqueror: Lloyd went to Mt. Bulusan sometime in 1994 with other Batch'87...a week ago Totep planned to scale the look what happened, today Mt. Bulusan is now on alert level 2, a 57 year old resident of Casiguran died due to inhalation of ash-fall, the mayor of Casiguran is asking for more help specially the provision of masks...what can you say Totep?

Pa-cute sa library

Study period? Sin-o an nagsabi na mga ma-adalon kami, look at this picture taken inside the library with the librarian herself! Lloyd with his "wonder bag", Jay, Chito, Ghie(librarian), Otats, Leo, Erwin, Lito and Totep

Who Would Ever Forget the Maceda Days...

Tambayan kan mga ex-sem: (Standing from left) Mervs, Dante, Junie, Otats, (sin-o baya ini na maid?), (Seated from left) Tivo, Wiron, Sanni, Patricia, Ghie & Maricar Billones.

The Masculados: Just finished a bottle of gin (ginebra san miguel) at the "unforgettable" dining table. Ian, Otats, Wiron and Jason.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Major Marcial's Pa-cute Poses!

Otats with Lito Donor before the start of their basketball game at OLP Minor Seminary.
Otats and Binoy('83) taken in Piot, when Binoy was still connected with Purefoods.
Otats and Ojee, taken at their "hide-out" in Piot....(ask them why..hehehe!)

Otats and Fr. Henry's Menudo looks. Taken at big dorm annex
Nice Hair: Otats and Joven, taken at the big dorm up...lintian na mga pa-cute.

Fr. Vic's Gorgeous Legs & Gibbs' Harry Potter Look

AB Philo days: Fr. Vic and Gibbs, this picture was taken sometime in 1987 at OLP Major Seminary. At the back are Garryboy, Fr. Henry, Otats and Fr. Glenn..sorry in-aramag na tabi picture.

Remember Rawis?

Ladderized face: Eric ('86), Fr. Peewe ('86), Otats ('87), Ojee ('87) and Gerald ('87).One day, a group of ex-seminarians rented a "pad" somewhere in Rawis, Legazpi City. A cool, nice and well, a very strategic place, it is very near Aquinas University (you know what i mean..hehehe!)...anyway tanong mo na lang sa kanila mga escapades nila..
The inseparable '87: They've been together since elementary at Burabod, an mga dili man pasaway sa OLPS, the good, the bad and the..."alam na"..nah, actually these 3 are considered the moving force of their batch...(wara mag kontra!)
Malnourished? Okey ba mga sano ang mga katawan namin?...Otats and Taboy at the roof top of the boarding house.
Stairway to Heaven: This is the stairs leading to the two bedrooms occupied by Taboy, Peewe, Ojee, Erwin L., Rene, when they were still studying at Aquinas University in Legazpi. (from top) Taboy ('85), Fr. Peewe ('86), Atty. Sluggo ('85), Ojee ('87), Goja ('85), Gerald ('87) and Otat ('87).

Present! Lahat kami present when it comes to organized joy (OJ) at eto rin epekto ng lumabas kami ng seminaryo, as if nakawala sa hawla(Taboy, Sluggo, Gerald, Otats, Goja, Ojee and Rene)
Drinking session! Fr. Peewe ('86), Gerald ('87), Ojee ('87), Goja ('86), Otats ('87), Taboy ('85)
and Atty. Sluggo ('85).


Recently i tried to revise our blog to make it more interesting. I painstakingly figure out how to revise it by learning a little of html...(pinag practisan ko lang po ang blog natin!). I hope in the future we can make it appear more appealing.

I added too a flickr badge to make it easier for everybody to see our pictures and to save space for our blog. I opened a yahoo account with a username "olpsbatch87" and the same password as our blogspot(if you don't know our password kindly contact gibbs).If you will be posting many pictures I encourage you to post it to flickr instead.

How to post pictures to flckr:
1. go to
2. sign in to our yahoo account (olpsbatch87 username:______)
3. go to "you" and click "upload photo"...then follow instruction

presto! it's easy guys....ask linuz...he is an expert on flickr!


Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Chief Inspector Renato B.Marcial,BFP Chief Public Information Services being interviewed by GMA7's Cesar Apolinario.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Glamour Photography

Guys check my new uploaded pictures

Friday, June 02, 2006


can anyone remember what our batch's two best actors -- henry and glenn (now both priests!) -- are rehearsing here? this is surely not 'serapio,' because wara eksena didto of serapio and unang tagapagtanong meeting like this. ano kayang exercise ini na pinagibo ni fr. roy sa study hall? aber, hula, mga bros! :)

eto pa