Saturday, March 22, 2008

Black Sabado Reunion 2008 @ Totep's Place

Hairy Llyod with B87. Jay, Ian & Otats
Nale sa YM, ka chat si Beng sa New York...ooppss, pasalubong!
Beng uli ka-chat kay lain on line si Ojee nan Minet or Jovs..sayang mga padi!

Bisita Iglesia

Totep took this picture during our "bisita iglesia" last holy Thursday with our families & friends.This is now the Cathedral (Sts. Peter & Paul) in Sorsogon City under renovation.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

At Home si Ate with B87

Accidental reunion with "Ate" Maricar with Jay, Gerald & Totep at Mango Grill.
Gerald, Ate & Totep purupasyar sa rompeolas.


Totep goes under the knife to remove a sebaceous cyst at the site clinic where he works.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Linus' "Obra Maestra"!

Sample san mga tirada ni Linus.Taken at Otats & Ning's home around past 2 a.m., as Linus waited for the clock to tick to 3 a.m so that he could proceed to Manila with his driver to report for work after the Magallanes coverage...For info, as of yesterday (March 4), Linus texted me that he again won another foto contest in the best news category, organized by a group based in China. Congrats padi, hope to see you as a National Geographic photographer.!