Monday, June 18, 2007

Our Lady of Penafrancia

Monday, June 04, 2007

BAMS circa 1987

Linus & Chito(+) leads B87 during the parade in Tabaco.
Cackyboy, Otats, Gibbs & Paulo

Mga Pacute

Sa balay nira Tia Mameng Billones: Gerald, Otats & Ian
Wara magkahirimo sa classroom kaya nagpose para magpa cute: Jay, Garryboy,Ojee(seated)Ian, Gerald, Henry & Vicboy.

Guevarra Disco House: Barayle anay, Eric Fuentes, Tolits Donor, Ojee, Erwin(partly hidden), Totep, Gerald & Paulo

The Graduates

Look at us, (Jay, Otats, Joey & Glenn) a few hours before we finally close the episode of our high school life...sad isn't it?Yes, if possible we don't want to leave the portals of OLPS, moreso the memories we shared, sufferings we endured, tears of joy,the iskaramusa, pag escape, pag ninja san mga pagkaon,the house cleaning, pag pa-cute during the feast of Pe├▒afrancia , pag serve sa mass during sundays para kasabay an padi pag kaon(for sure masiram an food), intramurals, basketball, the NCEE, retreat & after the retreat an maogmahon na fellowship san community, homevisit,pag luhod when you are late, etc..etc..etc. we enjoyed everything!"Ora, Stude et Labora"