Monday, May 29, 2006


Guys check out my new pictures.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Tagaytay Film Broadcast & Creative Workshops

How do you handle a "crisis" like Ray Junia and manage a jinx like Totep? Totep and his classmates under the tutelage of Guru Ray Junia, one of the top and respected PR executives in the country went "nuts" after a one week intensive crash course on Guerilla Communication and Crisis PR held at the Development Academy of the Philippines in Tagaytay City. Other courses are media - related with gurus like Eddie Romero, Joel Lamangan, Roy Iglesias, Chichi Robles Lynet Villariba of PDI, Salvii Casino formerly of ABS... teka, plugging na 'to a..... dapat magbayad ang Creative Media Professionals Guild of Asia and the Pcific sa Batch 87 !!!...

Thursday, May 25, 2006

happy birthday, fr. gerry!

some pics of fr. gerry del prado's 50th birthday celebration in the US. apparently he's so loved by his congregration that they threw a party for him, complete with boogie-ing. way to go, padi gerry! :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Photoshoot with Ray ban, George Optical, Guess and Levis

Mga kuha na litrato ng mga cliente. May 21, 2006

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Pahiyas in Lucban, Quezon

Guys pls visit my site for Pahiyas pictures. Thanks.

Friday, May 12, 2006

ang kagila-gilalas at di malilimutang olps linggo ng wika, august 1986

BACKGROUNDER: August 1986, traditional linggo ng wika celebrations nationwide and maski sa seminaryo man. that year, the batch (now 4th year) decided to divide themselves into groups to help the younger batches come up with their own presentations during the culminating night. naubos na ata an inspiration and concepts, because when it came time to do their own number, wara na maisip an batch '87. since the motif of the program was 'pista sa nayon,' the class decided to go wild by doing the one thing na kulang sa okasyon: drum and bugle corps. an props: samhod, tamong, tuwalya, payong, whatever. the result: the one linggo ng wika the seminary will never forget -- even if it would wish to, hehe.

preparing for the start of 'pista sa nayon' parade from the back of the study hall. almost everybody was in costume, because each class had its own prepared number in the program. that left the faculty and some guests as the lucky spectators. :)

HAHAHA! me tatalo pa ba sa picture na itu? henry (now the olps college rector!) as majorette, with gary boy, ian (na naka-earring pa!) and ojee as assistants. si mrs. decano and ma'am nikki halcon on the left, ngiritunon!

hala, iwasiwas an samhod na baton! si joven as miss luzon, me bitbit pa na banga and escorted by gerald.

supugonon si jong nan linuz -- too late!

atchempre me patimpalak ng kagandahan din! eto grand entrance ng miss mindanao, dandy labitag (na ngayon ay isa nang kapita-pitagang pari!), escorted by cho coronel, na bigla na lang sumulpot naka-costume na, nyehehe. hilinga baya expression sa bayhon ni fr. jeffrey sa right. :)

beauty contest proper -- joven as miss luzon, chito as miss visayas and dandy as miss mindanao. si paulo n glenn ang hosts. can't remember the questions na, but they must have sounded like this: host -- 'so ms. so-n-so, why did u join this contest?' candidate -- 'me? join this contest? why did i? thank you!'

kalandi kan mga 'singkil' dancers! ojee, gerald and leo on the left, ian, glenn and paulo on the right. an mga tamong hinuram kay fr. gerry. :) this was on a 'paligsahan' night before the culminating program.

mwahahahaha, si ian naka-backless palan!

yaHOO! si gary boy ang hari, si chito ang reyna -- both also wrapped in kumot and tuwalya! bow!

(MORE pang-blackmail pics still to come! nyahaha -- evil laugh :))

Sunday, May 07, 2006

More of the Marcials' family pictures

These pictures were taken last holy week, before kami ni Ning mag offer sa holy thursday mass didi sa Fatima Church where Ning & I are regular lectors during Sunday masses( lain daw madugo na piri-ritan from the parish priest, Msngr. Monje..hehe) the way dont be deceived by our second daughter's ladylike man ina pareho ko, an pantulo..mas matindi!..Mai the eldest is very timid and proper like her mama..

The Marcials

3 angels and lifetime soulmates
(Tato & Ning with their 3 Marys:
Mary Martha, 8; Mary Stefanie, 5; and Mary Lilea, 3...and soon to join us come August, Jose Marcos Paras-Marcial)


Saturday, May 06, 2006

End Results

Grabe an nanyari sa mga bato sa binosawan
an mga sira pa kaya. Taken by Jong B.

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this is the water coming from the drainage of lafayette in Binosawan. Taken by Jong B.
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Mercury in the Water???

Look at this photos in Binosawan Bacon. From Greenpeace taken by our very own Jong B.
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note: exclusive for our site only

Thursday, May 04, 2006

My first photo shoot with a client

Wara ako gamit na lighting equipments, buti na lang ok naman mga kuha.

Interview session.

Baler, Aurora

Here are some of my photos during our friendship climb sa Aurora, Baler last weekend.
Click this link for more of the pics.

seminarista souvenirs

INTRO: with our reunion pag-uli ko sa sorsogon last holy week, i (gibbs) had the urge to unearth my old seminary stuff. these are some of what i found. fasten your seatbelts, mejo halaba ini, but i hope they bring back many, many happy memories for us and for all other sanos...

where it all started for all of us -- including this blog... :)

the seminary ID, this one issued to me for 1986-87 at the start of my last year in olps minor.

ora, stude et labora. prayer had primacy, so a special scene like this (living rosary baya an tawag sadi?), done most probably on the feast of our lady of lourdes or Mary's birthday, was something we looked forward to, just to break the monotony of 'chapel na!' day in and day out.

the seminary handbook of rules and policies, which, as you can see, was never updated (at least kan tuon kita). it says '1974' pa, when mamo palces originally drew it up.

the song line-up of the 1984 schola cantorum concert with fr. ben dino. sabi ngani ni totep bag-o madismayo sa init kan venue, "please loosen my boots!"

mostly batch87 ini sa tiples group, pati si richard (what's his surname nga?--rightmost, front). si gary boy (kaiping ni richard), agaw-eksena man in one show. after "laden with happiness and tears" ('sunrise, sunset'), blag! nadismayo man!

souvenir program of the 1986 bicol association of minor seminaries (bams) meet, which was held in the olps seminary. batch86 were the hosts, while totep, erwin, paulo and i and a few others from the lower years worked on the daily chronicle of the five-day event.

the back of the bams souvenir program, with the bams hymn. music by sanni gargallo (olps batch86), lyrics by fr. gerry del prado and msgr. eladio t. palces. gabos taga-olps, yehey! all together now: "the fields are golden with grain, we come to heed His call, in service, love and poverty, for Him we give up all. Together by His guiding hand, we bravely tread the way, together strongly we stand, and fervently we pray!"

lining up for our own bams meet parade, held the following year in tabaco, albay.

'ang paglilitis ni mang serapio,' when kinabog ta an tabaco cathedral (?) with our presentation during the bams meet. nadumduman nindo kun pan-o kita naghangot during the afternoon rehearsal, when, while everybody else was practicing silly, we went up to the altar, just looked around to mark our blockings, and went off? but that night, ours was the splashiest, most-applauded presentation. wara istir, yan an resulta kan training ni fr. roy eco!

the first draft of our attempt to revive the olps school paper, which used to be CHIMES, but as usual, we wanted to be original so we called it SPARK. fr. vicboy designed the masthead on stencil paper, i was the editor, totep, dennis and erwin were the other writers, and fr. gerry del prado was the advisor. (ugaring, wara na ako kopya san finished product, aargh.) the (mega-corny) editorial read in part: "long, long ago, when we were just little boys fascinated by rain and enchanted by stars, this paper lived a happy existence in a seminary already peopled then with active individuals and loving hands. it had come to be called THE CHIMES, the bells. it was that, for like the bells we so often hear from a crumbling belfry, it tolled its magic message of hope for mankind to come back to Jesus Christ. (next paragraph) SPARK. that's what you call this new organ. a new name, a new beginning..." (ambot kun haen na the rest of the text.)

4th year, one happy barkadahan na after san samok nan iriwal of the earlier years.

ini, interesting! not sure how this ended up sa baul ko, but this is an english test for the ncee review by renato marcial. score: 29/60! which only proves one thing: nothing is impossible if you really work at it. after all, tato now talks and writes in english like a pro, and official national spokesperson pa kan bureau of fire protection!

a typical periodic citation, this one a certificate of second honors for religion (nay!) for the first grading period of school year 1984-85.

huddling to come up with designs for the intrams uniforms that year. si fr. vicboy an resident artist, that's his sketch being held up by gerald. the rest, nagmimiron para maghala-hala, mwehehe. :)

our official graduation invitation, sunday, march 29, 1987. the 25 candidates for graduation: gerald angeles, carlos baloloy jr, james cacliong, gilbert cadiz, teodoro luis de castro, felijohn coronel, ian demate, joven despabiladeras, vicente henry diesta, victor dollentas, joselito donor, erwin francisco escandor, garner marcos frilles, samuel gerona, +chito mary haboc, jose hermida jr., ferdinand labitag, jose bonifacio lasala, oscar jesus lucero jr., renato marcial, reynaldo nicolas, joseph john perez, paulo dennis son, glenn adonis vergara.

a copy of the thanksgiving prayer i wrote and recited during the graduation mass. i typed it pa (typo errors and all) sa office ni ms. nikki halcon.

arranging ourselves for the official batch87 graduation photo op. sr. myrna dioquino and librarian ghie (tama baya?), among others, are in front.

the invitation to the investiture of college freshmen gibbs, ian, henry, vic, gary boy, tato and glenn, sept. 8, 1987 (b-day pa ni tato), 3pm at the olps chapel (with edgar 'bato' barias of solt). the quote on the front was the same batch87 graduation theme: "you come alive each time you dare to die; let go, move on, bid things goodbye..."

here we are, an pito na nagpasutana during olps college first sem (with adopted batchmate, now fr. burt sare, 4th from left). pic was taken at the grotto a few weeks after typhoon sisang, the deadliest storm to hit sorsogon, which destroyed large parts of both the minor seminary and the coke building and killed some 3,000 people province-wide. notice an bagan ginurung-gusong na niyogan sa likod?

and all our olps years for what? for this, for what we thought we were destined to be! we all remember this, mao? i bet gabos na seminarista who gave serious thought to their vocation had this estampita among their possessions at one time or another. well, lain man nakapadi majority of us, this remains a precious souvenir...